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New Refractory Bricks

New Refractory Bricks

Stockists of new refractory products make Handsworth Refractories a one-stop shop for all your refractory brick requirements. Handsworth Refractories can offer a host of packages to suit customers requirements. Review the new refractory bricks we can supply.

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Redundant Refractory Stock

Redundant Refractory Brick

Handsworth Refractories have large redundant stocks of refractory bricks available for sale. These range from reclaimed Firebrick, Alumina and Mag Carbon through to Magnesite, Mullite & AZS. Handsworth Refractories is pleased to offer the following redundant refractory brick in its portfolio of redundant stock.

Mineral Products

spent refractory Minerals

Handsworth Refractories can offer a tremendous range of spent refractory minerals. HRL is pleased to offer the following spent refractory minerals in its portfolio of materials. Please review the material specifications and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.

refractory contaminated material disposal

contaminated material disposal
As well as recycling Handsworth Refractories has the ability to dispose of material that has no suitable recycling value and unfortunately the only option is landfill.

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